Dynamic safety - First Aid Kit Alberta #2 Kit

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  • Includes: One first aid manual, one pack of safety pins, one pair of tweezers, one pair of scissors, fifty 3/4"x3" sterile plastic adhesive bandages, three 4" pressure bandages, three 6" pressure bandages, twenty 4"x4" gauze pads, one roll of adhesive tape, one abdominal pad, 2 tensor bandages, 2 conform bandages, 4 triangular bandages, one eye pad, one rescue breather, one resealable bag, ten antiseptic towelettes, six pairs of disposable nitrile gloves


Province/Federal - Alberta

Container Type - Metal Box

Container Size - #2/24-Unit

Medical Device Class - Class 2

Content Format - Unitized


                                           Alberta First Aid Kit Requirements 

First Aid Kit

Low Hazard

Medium Hazard

High Hazard

Alberta Type P

1 employee

per shift

1 employee

per shift

1 employee

per shift

Alberta #1

2-49 Close site

2-9 Close site

2-4 Close site

Alberta #2

50-99 Close site

2-99 Distant or Isolated

10-49 Close site

2-49 Distant or Isolated

5-49 Close site

2-9 Distant or Isolated

Alberta #3

100+ Close, distant

or Isolated site

50-199 Close, distant

or Isolated site

50-99 Close site

20-99 Distant site

10-99 Isolated site